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Thursday, January 5, 2012

New Stuff!

I forgot to add:  New stuff up in the store!  Check it out!

Six-prong Settings...Yuck.

Six-prong settings have proven to be a worthy opponent....but I have defeated them!  They are quite different than four-prong.  I did successfully set a six-prong ring though!  ::proud::

I have also figured out the flattening technique!....that's not the scientific term for it.  But I learned exactly how to bend the prongs to flush the stone with the setting and make it pretty!

This is exciting news!  ....At least to me.

Photos to come!  As soon as I get my computer to upload them.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Beginning a Journey

Hi there!  I'm Katie, and I'm the founder of Curious Metals, an experimental business project.  I discovered gem setting on accident, really, and I learned very quickly that I enjoy it.  So, this is the story of Curious Metals, and where we progress to as I learn.

Currently, I only set gems in pre-made settings, but I have been researching techniques for casting and creating my own settings, though I'm not quite brave enough to try yet.  So far, I've pretty well mastered setting solitaires and small, four-prong multi-stone settings.  I'm attempting 6-prong settings, which is proving more difficult.

Follow along as I delve into the world of jewelrymaking and silversmithing!

Finished products can be found for sale at